Om Mathias Bell Willumsen

"fantastic, absolutely sublime," (Client) 2017
"very costumer-oriented and tries very hard to see the client's point of view." 2017
We are dealing with very professional specialists, where you know what you get. (Client) 2015
In no way could the service have been improved, we are completely satisfied with the service provided by the firm. (Client) 2015
“They have a great team. Rønne & Lundgren has proven that it has specialists in many relevant fields and that these fields are covered very effectively. The service is fully satisfactory.” (Client) 2015
"We have had a very good experience with the firm. They acted professionally at all times and supported the process. The junior lawyers we worked with were both outstanding." (Client) 2015
The team at Rønne & Lundgren provides ‘good value for money’ in a wide range of areas of environment law, including planning law, property expropriation and construction regulation. 2016