Om Nina Ringen

Nina Ringen er partner i Lundgrens’ afdeling for Intellectual Property og afdelingsleder heraf. Hun har bred erfaring inden for Intellectual Property, hvor hun rådgiver danske og internationale selskaber i forbindelse med kommercialisering og håndhævelse af IP-rettigheder. Hun bistår også med at etablere og vedligeholde porteføljer af IP-rettigheder, især varemærker og designs.
Endelig rådgiver Nina mange danske og internationale selskaber i IP-spørgsmål ved opkøb og salg af virksomheder.

Nina skriver løbende artikler for World Trademark Review. Hun er også medlem af INTA Bulletins Committee og bestyrelsesformand i Danish Anti-Counterfeit Group (DACG).​

“Ringen shines in cross-border work and does it with a smile. She is one of the most responsive lawyers I have ever worked with and her advice always brings added value to our company – she is a premier choice for trademark work.” (2020)
“She provides top-quality, pragmatic and solution-oriented assistance." (2020)
Nina Ringen co-heads the team and handles design, marketing and trade mark matters. Interviewees reveal that "she goes to great lengths to really understand what the client needs, she will predict her client's next move and truly get to know the client." Ringen is active in numerous international cases and her clients hail from various sectors, including fashion, retail and pharmaceutical companies. (2019)
“A pleasure to work with, she is an outstanding and reliable lawyer who stays in close contact with her clients. Nina is utterly dedicated and gives clear commercially focused advice that is straightforward and transparent.” “Never cease to amaze with their responsiveness, utmost professionalism and encyclopaedic knowledge of intellectual property”.
"Ringen’s strategic guidance is “very effective” and her masterful management of portfolios has reaped dividends for brand owners in multiple jurisdictions; she impresses with her “utmost professionalism and uncommon responsiveness."
Nina Ringen receives acclaim from peers and clients alike for her expertise in trademark matters as sources affirm that they "would recommend her above all others in Denmark" and noting that she "demonstrated the ability to achieve tangible results".
"Clear advice, timely responses, effective litigation management and a good end result."
"A high quality, customer-centric lawyer"
"She is always very open and service-minded, and she has a good technical background. It is always a pleasure to work with her."
"She’s really good at creating trust in the relationship with the client, and getting an overall understanding of the situation of the company. Also she is a very passionate person."
"She always got straight to the point. I would definitely recommend her."
“She is focused on trademarks. They are very technical and very competent, and they know all the technicalities of the trademark process.”